As the following article notes, the 3-day workshop this spring will allow for 50 attendees. I believe there are at least 3, if not 4, Jewish cemeteries in Montana.

It might be useful if one or two Jewish communities could attend. Those closest to Helena should find the workshop most convenient. For additional information, contact: https://www.mthistory.org/


Aug 23, 2017

By: Melissa Jensen – MTN News

HELENA – The Montana History Foundation recently announced it is receiving a grant from the National Park Service – one of just 12 grants given nationwide and the only one in Montana.

The $25,000 grant will be used for a three-day workshop next spring on preserving Montana cemeteries through education and technology.

Montana History Foundation CEO Charlene Porsild says they expect to bring up to 50 people from across Montana to Helena for the workshop.

It will include experts on various types of technology that can aid in grave identification and location, along with traditional methods like archival research.

Porsild says there are hundreds of historic cemeteries across Montana that can benefit from the workshop.

“Our community histories are caught up in those burials, whether they stayed in the same place or moved, whether the marker is still there or not,” says Porsild. “So that’s part of what we want to help people recover is the history of who’s in those cemeteries, whose family’s connections are in those cemeteries and how to draw those out and to preserve them for future generations.”

Porsild says the workshop will be recorded and eventually placed on their website to help continue education efforts for those who are unable to attend in person.

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  1. Joy Breslauer on behalf of Jerry weissman

    If you count the small cemetery at Mt. Olivet then there are (2) in Great Falls. (1) in Helena, (1) in Missoula, and if you count the private number of lots in Kalispell obtained by Bob Gersh, add (1) Of course there is (1) in Billings, and while I do not know the location there is (1) in Bozeman. Do not forget the oldest of all and that would be (1) in Butte. So that is (8) without rigorous examination. In earlier days there were Jewish communities exclusively set up by the Rothschild family all over the world with one in Eastern Montana, near Miles City, so there might be one located in that area.

  2. Joy Breslauer on behalf of Aaron Weissman

    We really should have a few people from jewish communities around the State at this workshop. Maybe they could make a presentation on what was learned at the next MAJCO shabbaton?

    Depending on schedules, I could attend that meeting.


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