As we stand before G-d this Rosh Hashana, let’s pray and beseech our Creator to bestow upon His world a super dose of forgiveness, a touch of non-tough love, a good amount of wisdom to focus on the things that actually matter, a gift of moderation so we can stop bickering about anything and everything that doesn’t speak/look/think like us, and a bit more revelation so that His creations can grow in their relationship with Him. We will, of course, do our part: we resolve to be more united even with those with whom we disagree wholeheartedly, we hope to be more conscious of the pristine environment which we’ve been gifted, we are sure to be more devoted to our people, our land and our Torah, and most importantly, we commit to cut the judgmentalism out of our system. G-d is the True Judge, not us.

I bless each and every one of you, my beloved readers, my devoted congregants and my amazing Montanan sisters and brothers: may this year be the one that you’ve been waiting for. May you merit to see G-d in action, not only in mystery; may you merit tangible sweetness materialistically, physically and spiritually. May you know only good health with doctors being used for preventative measures only, may your children, grandchildren and all those whose future you’re rooting for personally, give you Jewish Nachas, and may we all experience redemption, an epic liberation from the exilic limitations, with freedom to worship G-d as He originally intended with the coming of our Mashiach, now!

A Gut Gebenched Yur!

Your Bozeman brother,

Rabbi Chaim Bruk

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  1. Joy Breslauer on behalf of Gary and Linda Kohn

    As in years past, Linda and I will be joining your congregation for Rosh Hashanah services. We are not able to have enough people for a minyan here in Lethbridge. Looking forward to another day with you folks and the wonderful Ruz !!!
    Gary Kohn

  2. Those words of Rabbi Bruk in his message: “We commit to cut judgmentalism out of our system; God is the True Judge, not us,” are so poignant and so true in our world. If this were all he said, it would have been enough. That part of his message is a whole message in and of itself. I am glad that I took the time to read it. A happy new year to you all and may you have a blessed year.
    Written by Elliott Magalnick from Springfield, Mass.

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