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  1. Joy Breslauer on behalf of Jerry Weissman

    Rabbi Tarlow is an old acquaintance and we have corresponded for around 20 years. He is, of course, a Hillel Rabbi and is also an acknowledged authority on other matters. Hillel is a campus organization for Jewish students and Tarlow is at Texas A&M, and looks over either the first or the oldest Hillel organization in our collegiate system. Tarlow is an interesting guy and has worked in the described field for a number of years. As an interesting point I have noticed that names ending in es might well have come originally from Portugal and ez from Spain. Another interesting note is about Benjamin N. Cardozo, the former Supreme Court Justice who had ancestors from Portugal and Spain and was, in my opinion, the real first Hispanic Justice on the Supreme Court AND his family came to the US well before the American Revolution. Cardoso, “Seixas” and “Mendes” are significant Hispanic Jewish names.


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