Todah Robah to the following Congregation members who have offered their hospitality to Student Rabbi Bess Wohlner during Yom Kippur.

Airport Pickup: Marty Foxman
Dinner host for Erev Yom Kippur: Don and Helen Cherry


  • Friday evening, 09/13/13, 7:00 P.M.: Kol Nidre Services led by Student Rabbi Bess Wohlner at The Bethel. Cantorial Soloist: Sarah Weissman.
  • Saturday morning, 09/14/2013, 10:00 A.M. — 12:00 P.M.: Yom Kippur Morning Services, led by Student Rabbi Bess Wohlner at The Bethel
  • 12:00 P.M. — 3:00 P.M.: 3 hour break
  • 3:00 P.M. — 4:00 P.M.: Discussion about Yom Kippur, led by Student Rabbi Bess Wohlner
  • 4:00 P.M. — 4:30 P.M.: 1/2 hour break
  • 4:30 P.M. — 5:30 P.M.: Yiskor
  • 5:30 P.M. — 6:15 P.M.: Ne’ila
  • 6:30 P.M.: Break The Fast milchig (dairy) Community Potluck
  • The address of the Bethel is 1009 18th Avenue southwest. Click here for map and directions.

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