This is the last week to catch the impressive Marc Chagall and Ben-Zion display that is currently at Carrol College’s Art Gallery, in St. Charles Hall. The exhibit runs through April 20th, 9a.m. to 9p.m. Definitely worth seeing and contemplating.

In conjunction with the weeks long multi-cultural and multi-ethnic program that Barry Ferst has been directing at Carroll, this Thursday night, April 19th, at 7:30pm in the Carroll College Student Center, main floor lounge, there will be a Holocaust Remembrance event. In addition to speakers, a student panel and candle lighting ceremony, the MAJCO (Montana Association of Jewish Communities) Holocaust poster exhibit will be on display.

Ofer Goren, Israeli mime, will be in Helena on Wednesday, May 2nd. He will perform a program both poignant and entertaining, starting at 7pm in The Forum at Touchmark, on Saddle Dr. Public invited. Ask a friend to attend with you!

On Sunday, April 29th, Rabbi Chaim Bruk will be in town to offer a one hour talk entitled, “Who Knows Ten”, a teaching about the Ten Commandments. This program will start at 1pm. Venue to be determined.

It is time to start planning for the Hazon Environmental bike riders who will be coming to and through Helena on the weekend of June 22nd-24th. They will be staying at Carroll College where we will share potluck meals with the group, enjoy Shabbat services led by Rabbi Ed Stafman, have the opportunity to take a walking tour of “Jewish Helena” and more. Do plan to attend what promises to be a wonderful and very special Shabbat weekend right here in Helena. Also, if you are up to it, consider making the 90 mile bike ride to Bozeman, with the group on that Sunday morning. Rabbi Ed and several congregants from Beth Shalom have already signed up for the challenge.

Lots going on! Hope you can join in. Janet Tatz

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