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With the High Holy Days fast approaching, we would like to update the Yizkor Memorial List maintained by the Ram’s Horn.

This list has been through many hands, and as a result may contain some information that is incomplete or inaccurate.  We are looking especially to correct misspelled names or to fill in missing dates or years.  Even if you think we should have the correct information, please review the current Yizkor list and provide us with any corrections or additions.  Thank you.

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  1. After listening to an overlong list of names I suggest we remove the following: Fanny Litman, Gene Chames, Lillian Gisden, Naomi Bay Kaplan, Elsie Dorman, Elsie Cook, Celia Ross.

    • It has been my quest for some years now to update the Yizkor list. I suspect everyone has their preferred names to remove from the list. I am hardly the expert on this; I have been told that once they’re on the list, they don’t come off. In my opinion, we probably need to consult a rabbi or some authority about this. Joy

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