2011 Montana Council Scout Shabbat

The Montana Council of the Boy Scouts of America had its Council Camporee over the previous weekend in Townsend, MT. The Scouts have a Camporee like this every four years.

In 2007, Montana Scouts had their first-ever Scout Shabbat at the Council Camporee in Townsend, led by our own Aaron Weissman. This year, Bozeman-based Beth Shalom rabbi Ed Stafman came to the Camporee to lead Shabbos Services.

The Service was well attended by interested Scouts and Scouters.


Interestingly enough, the weekend fell on Parashat Sh’lach, the only section of the Torah that discusses “Scouts!” An interesting discussion ensued about whether the “Scouts” sent by Moishe really embodied the Scout Oath and Law. (Caleb and Joshua certainly did!)

The service was sponsored by the Montana Council’s Jewish Committee on Scouting, which is chaired by Great Falls resident (and Aitz Chaim congregant) Diane Sherick. More information on the National Jewish Committee on Scouting can be found at jewishscouting.org.

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  1. A little blurry Aaron. Glad you are having fun!

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