What if there IS a GOD?

By Cantorial Soloist Elliott Ben Magalnick
April 27, 2011

And GOD invented mathematics and philosophy and physics and then botany and biology and chemistry and GOD in his infinite wisdom tested these theories in GODS’ laboratory that we call the universe.  GOD evolved different life forms and tested them in different parts of the universe and then GOD figured out the need for a SUN …or many suns.   (We will focus our story to one sun to simplify the explanation.)

Our universe was GODS’ laboratory. GOD stuck a sun in the middle and he gave it gravity. He needed the gravity to maintain solar order and control. With the sun and its gravitational pull and its intensely hot energy, GOD put in accessories to the sun. GOD scattered them in all directions and distances but they all had one thing in common: they reacted to the sun and its’ gravitational pull.  They were not uniform with each other in size and structure but they all revolved around the sun with its gravitational pull.

Then GOD needed a counterforce or counter energy to the sun and its’ fire. So, GOD developed water.  Over many, many millennia GOD tried to figure out where in the suns’ influence he could make water viable to harness it and use it as life force and a counter force to the fire on the sun.

We have named some of the suns’ colonies with names such as Mars, Venus, Mercury, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus.  GOD tested these colonies for their viability and their ability to function in the capacity that GOD predicted. Lab testing this whole menagerie of planets under the conditions GOD initiated found that some of the planets were too close to the sun and his water burned into a gas that could not be harnessed to maintain a pattern of development. He tried some of the planets very distant from the sun and the water was too low in temperature and become functionally inert. GODS’ testing determined that Earth was an ideal distance to keep water in a functional form, a form he called liquid. But further testing of Earth determined that GOD could spin Earth, move it, rotate it and do things with it so that it could support liquids, solids and gases. So Earth was it. Earth became GODS’ laboratory and testing station.

Then, HE began with physics and astronomy. His laboratory could support life so he invented chemistry and botany and biology. As the fruits of these disciplines developed, GOD added more. He started small: atoms, amoeba, single cells, complex cells, cells that could divide, cells that could find other cells and mate and reproduce more cells.  GOD found that Earth was a good breeding ground for these progressions and he started developing them into larger, more complex structures.  He had his liquid covering the whole surface of the Earth and he had gravity to keep it staying on the surface. The liquid was not enough. As important as it was, he needed more.

GOD created turbulence in the core of the Earth and some of the solid core broke free and pierced the surface of this liquid. GOD started small but kept at it and these contractions appeared in different areas and thus land appeared. Some land was flat and some was rocky and more elevated. These protuberances we call land became the breeding ground for living organisms to grow and live away from the water. As the organisms began to thrive on land others evolved in the sea.  Organisms that grew up from the land or under the land provided botany and chemistry disciplines. As they developed, biology became a factor as larger life forms evolved. Not all grew from the ground. Some life forms could travel across the land or through the water.  The products of GODS’ biology started sustaining themselves off GODS’ botany. Soon some of these species started eating smaller species. GOD developed a food chain.

GOD worked many of what we call years, millions of these years to develop an organism that could harness the scientific theories that were GODS’ tools of creation.  One of these species was called the HUMAN. GOD gave humans the ability to think and develop his specialties. GOD did not throw it to humans all at once. He put it out there with hints and systems so that humans could eventually figure it out for themselves.  To complicate matters (for humans) or rather to make it more interesting for GOD; HE put in alternate disciplines to pursue.  GOD invented Philosophy, love, Religion, language, and emotion.  Religion was introduced to Humans about 5800 years ago to make those humans who figured out the sciences that they did not do it on their own.  They took what GOD used as his tools and made it their own.  Religion was GODS’ way of defining science!



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  1. Why do you refer to God as “he”?

  2. Laura, I view this is a fundamental failure in our language system. If we profess to believe in monotheism, then Hashem could have no gender.

    Gender only applies to beings that sexually reproduce. Since Hashem is singular, I can not see how gender has any meaning.

    However, our language is limited. Our pronouns in this case are He, She and It. Only It would seem to apply, and that seems disrespectful …

  3. Gender neutral has been done well, in Mishkan, for instance. You need to stay away from pronouns altogether. Just say “God” or “Hashem”…I agree “it” does not work, but neither does “he” or “she”.

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