Upcoming Yahrzeits

Maurice Weissman; 4/16/91; 2 Iyyar, 5751; Father of Jerrold Weissman.
Ada Handler; 5/1/80; 15 Iyyar, 5740; Grandmother of Wendy Weissman.
Bessie Stiegler; 5/23/98; 27 Iyyar, 5758; Aunt of Nadyne Weissman.

Bette Weissman; 5/29/10; 16 Sivan, 5770; Grandmother of David Weissman.
Albert Nagel; 6/4/10; 22 Sivan, 5770; Uncle of Meriam Nagel.
Minnie Goldberg; 6/8/83; 27 Sivan, 5743; Grandmother of Jerrold Weissman.
Claire Hochfeld Meyer; 6/10/58; 22 Sivan, 5718; Mother of Diane Sherick.
Samuel Thall; 6/10/92; 9 Sivan, 5752; Father of Terry Thall.
Sigmund Oppenheimer Meyer; 6/11/86; 4 Sivan, 5746; Father of Diane Sherick.
Rhoda Barrett; 6/17/00; 14 Sivan, 5760; Cousin of Nadyne Weissman.
Charles Cohn; 6/21/30; 25 Sivan, 5690; Father of Arlyne Reichert.
Zollie Kelman; 6/23/08; 20 Sivan, 5768; Husband of Evelyn Kelman.
Morris Goldberg; 6/25/55; 5 Tammuz, 5715; Grandfather of Jerrold Weissman.
Regan Holsclaw; 6/27/70; 23 Sivan, 5730; Son of Arleen Heintzelman.

Lillian Nagel; 6/16/99; 2 Tammuz, 5759; Aunt of Meriam Nagel.
Irving Langsam; 7/3/91; 21 Tammuz, 5751; Father of Helen Cherry.
Hilda Schandelson; 7/17/00; 15 Tammuz, 0; Mother of Arny Schandelson.

May the Source of Peace be a comfort to all who mourn.

Ram’s Horn policy for printing yahrzeit memorials:! Yahrzeit memorials will be listed if the Jewish month on which the yahrzeit falls matches the Jewish months falling on the same English month as the date of the issue.  If the Jewish month is unknown, memorials will be listed if the English month of passing matches either the same English month or the two surrounding English months of the date of the issue.  In addition, yahrzeit memorials will be listed in each issue for one calendar year following the date of passing.

Yahrzeit memorials are taken from the Aitz Chaim yahrzeit list, maintained by the Ram’s Horn. Any corrections, additions or deletions to this list should be sent to the Editor, at editor@aitzchaim.com.


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