By Ruz Gulko

“There are three partners to each human’s creation: mother, father, and God.” (Talmud)

The Hebrew word A D A M, human, has no plural. Why is that?
Each of us is unique, singular, never to be replicated, ONE:
Each of us is CREATED IN GOD’S IMAGE “B’tzelem Eloheem”

Our bodies are a GIFT, as are our minds and souls. To do anything to hurt or abuse any of these parts of us is not just a tragedy for us, but a sin against God and our families. Our parents, families and communities have put so much effort, faith and love into our general care, feeding, and education. We do not OWN these bodies all by ourselves – we have a responsibility to God and to our community to take good care of them.

So many of the laws that we are given in the Torah are about making sure that we lead as healthy and happy lives as possible, in a righteous, kind society.

A Jew is discouraged from living in a place without a synagogue or Jewish community, but forbidden to live where there is no doctor.

Any Shabbat law can be broken to save a life. Pikuah nefesh, saving of life, is THE foremost Jewish responsibility.

We are commanded to take good care of ourselves.

Today, how can YOU take good care of yourself?

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