2012 Shabbaton in Billings Registration Form

Preserving Torah – Nourishment for Jewish Mind, Body & Soul

October 19-21, 2012
Please register at
or by printing this
form and mailing it to:
Congregation Beth Aaron
P.O. Box 187
Billings, MT 59103
Deadline for registration is October 15, 2012.
Name (s): _________________________________
Address: __________________________________
Phone: ____________________________________
Email: _____________________________________
Fees including all events and meals
Adults ________ @ $54 ea. = $ ___________
Age 12 & over
Children ______ @ $18 ea. = $ ____________
Age 5 – 11
Children under 5 are free
Donation $ ___________
For those who cannot afford the costs,
scholarships are available.
TOTAL $ ___________
Please make checks payable to:
Congregation Beth Aaron
The Billings Hotel and Convention Center has set up a
block of rooms for Shabbaton attendees. The cost is
$89 + tax per night. Contact them at 1-800-537-7286
and mention group code CBA12. They are only holding
the rooms until October 5th.
Parking is available at Congregation Beth Aaron for RVs
but there are no hookups.
If you would like to stay with a member of Congregation
Beth Aaron, please either call us by October 12th at
(406) 248-6412 and leave a message or contact us via
email at
and we will do our
best to accommodate you.
All events will be held at Congregation Beth Aaron. We
are located at 2031 Broadwater – behind St V’s Walk-in
Registration opens at 5:00
6:30 Kabblat Shabbat Service followed by an Oneg
Shabbat hosted by Congregation Beth Aaron
8:00 Outdoor Activity
10:00 Torah Service
12:00 Lunch
1:30-3:30 Scribal Arts with Neil Yerman
Residing in New York, Neil Yerman is a sofer, a person
who writes and restores Torah scrolls. Sofer Yerman’s
educational focus is to foster a love for both the
physical Torah and for the letters of wisdom it contains.
He is skilled in the art of Gematria (Jewish numerology)
and uses this technique and its Kabbalistic
underpinnings, when appropriate, to open up new
worlds of meaning and understanding of the Torah,
Jewish life, Jewish living, and the universal concepts of
peace, justice, and tikkun olam—the healing of the
4:00-5.00 Your choice of activities:
Israeli Folk Dancing with Sonia Chessin
Born and raised in Missoula, but frequently visiting
relatives on both coasts, Sonia grew up dancing both
international and American folk dancing. She
performed for many years in a Missoula based folk
dance group and has danced throughout the US and in
Europe, including Romania.
4:00-5:00 Strengthening our Congregation with Sandy
What are the greatest challenges and concerns you
encounter in your congregation? Join us for the
opportunity to share your congregation’s concerns.
Then together we will prioritize topics and collaborate
to identify resources and solutions.
Sandy Voit was the Executive Director of Temple Beth
Am in Seattle for over five years. He was a Senior
Member and board member of the National Association
of Temple Administrators, and has presented
workshops on topics such as Human Resources,
Facilities and Systems Management, Budgets, Program
Development, Board Development, etc. Sandy currently
is a Financial Counselor, and owner of Tangible
You can reach
him at
5:30 Dinner followed by Havdalah
7:00-9:00 Preserving the Torah with Neil Yerman
According to Jewish tradition, there are 613
commandments, the last of which is to write a Torah.
Participate in what for most of us will be an once-in-a-
lifetime experience. Under the guidance of Sofer Neil
Yerman, pick up the feathered quill and fulfill the
Mitzvah of writing a Torah.
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Protecting Your Sacred Space with Sandy Voit
Join us for a discussion of how to evaluate your
congregation’s security efforts. Learn about methods
and procedures to provide security and receive and find
resources you can employ at your congregation. We go
to services to pray and stay to socialize, expecting to
relax and feel safe. How can we safeguard our sacred
space and our congregants?
10:00-11:00 MAJCO Business Meeting

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